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it's just you & me diary...

welcome to my fucking life. <3

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please ad me so that i can read your stories, I would so much appreciate it...(smooches)

ive read your stuff on a7x_slashness before and i would love to read your stuff that you dont post there. add me please?

I've read some of your stuff on a7x_slashness & slashypunkboys & I would love to read your other stuff
add me please?

i haven't got any of my other stuff on my personal journal yet..but im definatly working on it. ( :
added. <3

I'd laike to be your friend! Is it okay if I add you?

Thats me in the picture :D

im always up for new friendss. :D

saw you in an adding comm.
add back?
and "a little piece of heaven", fellow avenged sevenfold fan? :)

definatly. :]
im pretty much obsessed with a7x. :D

(Deleted comment)
Am i late to be your friend??
(pardon me, i'm new here)

well, i've read a fic of yours. I found it in a7x_slashness.
I like it!!! LOVE IT!!! especially that 'm-preg' fic! (forget the title. So LOOONG!! but nice!!^^)
it made me dreaming all the time!!

Please!! *on my knees* add me!!:'3

promise,i don't bite!! ;)

hi! i'm new to live journal and i <3 avenged sevenfold too :D i would love to read your fics :) add me?

i dont post my stories on this account.
you're looking for my fic account.
i'll gladly add you on there. :)

I added you as a friend. :) I know it's been a long time, but you seemed interested in an alternate ending to Wanna Bet? when I wrote it. Well, believe it or not, I've written one! It, and it's sequel, are posted and can be found here if you're interested: http://a7x-slashness.livejournal.com/2149325.html

I honestly don't know if you're still around or if you still read fic, but I thought I'd at least let you know. Thanks so much for all the great reviews you've left me! I really appreciate it. <3

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